Checking in / checking out
Please check in after 12h, and on the day of departure leave the room until 11h. If you want to keep the room longer, please inform the reception staff which will ensure that your request is met.

Service reception can provide you with detailed information about hotels, tourist attractions, theaters and cinemas, restaurants, business and trade centers in Belgrade.

Transfer to and from the airport
In this month there is a special offer and if you pay the first airport transfer 24 euro, return transfer to the airport you will get for free.

Taxi and rent-a-car
Service will be at your request, reception staff will call the taxi vehicle or provide rent-a-car service for you.

Within the hotel there is a secured parking for vehicles.

Serving in the rooms
All drinks are served in the restaurant from 7am to 23pm.

Lunch and dinner
For all our guests we offer lunch and dinner.

City tour
Please contact the Reception.

Waking up
You can tell the reception staff when to wake you up.

Direct phone calls from the room.

The television program
A variety of local and international channels is available in all rooms. A detailed list of channels is in the TV guide.

Mini bar and safe
Mini bars and safes are available in every room.

For information about medical attention, please call the reception.

Fire alarm
Fire alarm is activated on all floors of the hotel. Then it is necessary to follow instructions and a marked evacuation plan

For information on services, laundry, dry cleaning and ironing clothes, please call customer service at the reception.

Serving beverages in the reception hall
Drinks are served to all guests 24/7.

The reception works 24/7.

Fax and copy machine
Fax and copier are available to all guests at the reception.

Time of breakfast
Breakfast is served from 7am to 10am.

Serving breakfast in your room
At your request you can have your breakfast served in your room at a time that suits you.

Magazines and newspapers
Every day, hotel guests can use the national daily press.

Wireless internet is available in all the rooms, reception hall, cocktail bar and restaurant.

If you need help with your luggage, please contact the Front Office.

Baby coat
Baby coat available upon request.

Sewing services
Please contact the Reception.

With additional payment, you can bring your pets with you.